Sportsbetting with Cryptocurrencies

There are many sports betting providers, but Cloudbet is one of the best. Cloudbet has a well-functioning website where the content is reasonably placed. It is easy to find your way around as a beginner. Visually, there is still room for improvement. It is one of the providers that is offering additional deposit bonuses.

Cloudbet’s website design does not particularly stand out. Visually, some competitors offer much more. But that is not decisive from our point of view. It is much more important that the content is presented reasonably. Especially with such a large portfolio as Cloudbet’s, it is important that the designers arrange and structure all information sensibly. This is largely the case, so it is easy to find the soccer bets from all over the world that are housed in the large portfolio.

The speed of the website is very good. We did not notice long loading times or other inconveniences at any point during our extensive research. This is especially noticeable with the betting options, which are arranged in groups. Even with numerous clicks, everything runs smoothly and quickly. This is exactly how it should be with a well-made website. In addition to the numerous content qualities, it is worth noting: Cloudbet’s website is a lot of fun to use in practice due to the good technology.

Service and Support – Reliable help via e-mail

Cloudbet does not offer a live chat or even a hotline. That would also somehow not fit the concept of a bitcoin betting provider. But the email support works well.

Compared to a regular betting provider with a live chat or hotline, customers at Cloudbet have to make do with email-only support. This is not necessarily surprising, because Cloudbet is an unusual betting provider in many respects. We would like the support a bit better with live chat, because sometimes it is very nice to get an answer to a question quickly. But there is a good FAQ section on the website and emails are answered briskly in our experience.

It usually takes no more than a couple of hours for customer service to respond. In our various inquiries, we only once had to wait just under 24 hours for the answer to arrive. This is also perfectly fine in comparison with completely normal bookmakers. Since there is only one payment method and the offer is also otherwise rather minimalistic, there are also rather fewer occasions to contact customer service in practice. But it is good to know that in case of doubt, the email support works properly.

Bonus – Up to 5 BTC for every new customer

Cloudbet’s current welcome bonus has an outstanding amount. No normal betting provider can even begin to match Cloudbet’s 100 percent deposit bonus.

At Cloudbet, new customers have the opportunity to get a 100 percent bonus up to 5 BTC on their first deposit. A quick glance at the current bitcoin rate shows that this is a gigantic maximum bonus amount. In comparison, the competing offers of the “normal” betting providers seem downright puny. But for all the euphoria: to get a high bonus, a high deposit is required even with a 100 percent bonus. Nevertheless, this bonus offer is remarkable, because real high rollers can profit considerably and also for normal customers the 100 percent bonus is a great thing.

The bonus terms and conditions are a bit different from the normal betting offers of the competition. When betting, you collect loyalty points and for every 800 points, 0.01 BTC is credited as real money. This continues until the full bonus amount has been converted into real money. It is also possible to make additional deposits to convert the complete bonus into real money. Overall, the bonus terms are simple and customer-friendly. This is also evident from the bonus period: you can take a whole year to generate the necessary turnover for the bonus.

Betting tax – collect the full profit without deduction

Cloudbet offers completely tax-free betting. This is not really a surprise for a betting provider that offers anonymous soccer betting.

The betting tax, which has been a nuisance for German sports betting fans for several years now, does not play a role at Cloudbet. You can track on the betting slip itself that there is no deduction from the stake and the winnings. As a result, the winnings are completely tax-free, because if necessary, only the betting provider is liable to tax, but not the customer. Sports betting winnings made by recreational players are tax-free in Germany.

The tax advantage has an amount of 5 percent. Given the above-average odds at Cloudbet, this is an important advantage over betting providers that charge a fee that finances the betting tax in Germany. From our point of view, the tax exemption is one of the strongest arguments in favor of Cloudbet, along with the anonymity and the high welcome bonus. The lack of betting tax makes betting extremely attractive for customers from Germany.

Deposits and withdrawals – Bitcoin offers many advantages for soccer betting.

Bitcoin is the only currency accepted by Cloudbet. This results in many advantages for customers. Bitcoin is a good choice not only for high rollers.

There is no alternative to Bitcoin at Cloudbet. The entire business model is based on the fact that customers can only use this cryptocurrency. However, various Bitcoin e-wallets are supported, so in practice it is easy for Bitcoin holders to make deposits and withdrawals at Cloudbet. Due to the restriction to Cloudbet, it is possible to offer betting completely anonymously. Anyway, registration is not necessary to make deposits and withdrawals. For soccer betting fans who are fed up with identity checks at betting sites or just want to use Bitcoin as a payment method, Cloudbet is an excellent choice. Sports betting is very popular in spanish speaking countries, in Mexico for example.

Mobile app – use via smartphone works smoothly

The Cloudbet app is nothing but the same website that customers visit on a PC. However, the website adapts and looks different on a smartphone and a tablet.

In our experience, the Cloudbet app in the form of a web app is a very good solution. All bets are also available on mobile at the bitcoin bookmaker. Access to mobile sports betting works just as well with any smartphone as it does with any tablet. The choice of operating system does not matter. Whether iPhone, iPad or Android device: Cloudbet harmonizes smoothly with the usual devices according to our experience.

The design of the mobile website is surprisingly good, especially when it comes to the betting options. Similar to the normal website, the customer benefits from the fact that the betting options are divided into several groups. This favors the clarity. We have tried out Cloudbet’s mobile soccer betting extensively and found that the Cloudbet app does not have long loading times and is very customer-friendly overall. If you want, you can also exclusively use a smartphone or a tablet to bet at Cloudbet.

Other offers

Cloudbet also offers a casino and a live casino. The selection of games is impressive. Just like with soccer betting and all other sports betting, it is also possible to play in the casino section without opening an account. For the casino fans, there are lucrative bonus offers. If you are looking for a bitcoin casino, you should definitely take a closer look at Cloudbet’s offer.

Advantages of Cloudbet:

  • Bitcoin betting provider with license from Montenegro.
  • Anonymous sports betting without opening an account
  • Extensive soccer betting portfolio with amateur soccer
  • Spectacular 100 percent new customer bonus up to BTC
  • Website also works very well with smartphone and tablet
  • Lucrative average odds key: 94 percent
  • Reliable and fast e-mail support
  • Often very lucrative odds on top soccer matches
  • Clearly designed website

Disadvantages of Cloudbet:

  • Only Bitcoin as a payment method
  • No live chat and no hotline
  • Not all games of the German Oberliga and Regionalliga