The Speed of Lite

Litecash is the first cryptocurrency that prioritizes user experience. Our goal is to create the most user-friendly wallet.

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Easy To Use

Our wallet is designed to make it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency. We strive to make our user experience the best in blockchain.

Advanced Security

Every transaction on Litecash is supported by the cutting-edge cryptography. All amounts and users are confidential to ensure maximum privacy.


Litecash is mined with a standard GPU. We have built-in GUI mining. Pools or advanced specialized hardware are NOT required.


Our lightweight implementation of Mimblewimble minimizes the amount of storage space and allows mobile devices to run a full node.

No Founder's Reward

Like Dogecoin and Monero, we are 100% community funded. 100% of block rewards to go miners. No ICO or premine.

ASIC Resistance

In the spirit of inclusion, Litecash intends to defend its ecosystem from ASIC manufacturers looking to monopolize our proof of work.

Mine & Spend

Originally Bitcoin was mined and transacted with standard hardware. We want to bring back this basic user experience to the Litecash community.

Fast, Safe, Privacy

Our advanced cryptography is cutting-edge to provide the highest level of privacy available to the community. Your identity and amounts are protected.

Value Proposition

Litecash (CASH) is open source, peer-to-peer digital cash.

Our mission is to achieve mass adoption with real-world use cases on mobile.

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Mobile Apps

We will be releasing an iOS and Android app to make transferring crypto on the go very fast.

  • Account Balance
  • Fast Transfer
  • Send CASH
  • Receive CASH
  • History & Activity
  • QR Codes

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