How to Withdraw?

Withdrawal is automative after invoice is paid (with status CLOSED or TRUE) If You used simple registration by cryptocurrency address or set parameters not_convert=1 or conv_curr=BTC in make API command. No fee, no tax included but only bonuses: your clients pay to you +0.3% up to invoice price! This tax included in invoice rating for your clients.

Set parameters in make API command:

not_convert=1 - all incoming payments will not be converted,
conv_curr=BTC - all incoming payments will be converted in bitcoin,
conv_curr=LTC - all incoming payments will be converted in litecoin.

Then You may convert bitcoins to a local currency through "bitcoin debit card".

Also You may pay bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for various services through the portal

Bitcoin debit cards

We recomended:

The virtual debit card, which you can get instantly just for $3 allows you to use bitcoins to pay for online purchases worldwide. You can also ink it to apps on your mobile phone, effectively paying with bitcoins for any goods or services. You simply get the card details via e-mail and can start using it straight away.

As of now, for those customers who do not use bitcoin (yet!) it is also possible to order virtual cards pre-loaded with small amounts of USD, EUR or GBP, which allows to link them to PayPal and load them via PayPal.