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Financial Freedom. For Free.

Thousands of new customers from all places on the planet

Free sales to different countries without limits

100% payment protection - impossible to cancel payments

Fastest payments acception

You can accept payment in crypto-currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, novacoin etc.) now quickly, free and without registrations!.

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Easy join. Easy use.

Instant withdrawal. For free.

Without registration. For Free.

No hidden fees. Payments Anywhere lets you advise your financial freedom.

Sale Anywhere: There Is Life ONLINE

Many currencies accept

All popular crypto-currencies - Bitcoin. Litecoin, NEXT, Novacoin, NODE, etc..

Fast payments

Payments fly quickly from any country for 2 to 15 minutes

Zero fees

Withdrawal is free of charge. The withdrawal is performed in one day or instantly

Payment can't be canceled

If payment is made it can not be canceled

One invoce by many crypto-currencies

Customer may to close one invoce by some crypto-currencies.

One invoce by many payments

Customer may to close one invoce by some crypto-currencies

Invoice may live one day

Expired time for invoice may be set from 10 mimutes to one day

Like to customers

Customer loves to pay by bitcoins

Spend Bitcoins Anywhere: Bitcoin Debit Card & Multi-Sig Wallet

Sale Anywhere: There Is Life online